Reducing inequality

August 13, 2009

Inequality within our society has a major effect on our overall well-being.

Countries with high levels of economic inequality have been shown to have significantly lower literacy rates, worse mental health problems and a higher prison population. Recent research by Wilkinson and Pickett has identified New Zealand as the 6th most unequal developed country, where the wealth of the top 20% of the population is 7 times that of the wealth of the poorest 20%.

How can we narrow the economic differential within our society and make our communities places where all can flourish?

Click here to view the PDF of “MIND THE GAP” – Ferguson Lecture, August 2009

Please read Andrew Bradstock’s lecture and post your comments and ideas about working towards this goal.


The current recession has shown that serious changes are needed to the way the global economy operates.

Instead of focusing on economic growth, can the economy operate to enhance our well-being? Can we find economic measures to build and sustain community, and lessen the poverty and inequality within Aotearoa New Zealand?

How can we practically address these issues and create change? Please add your comments, ideas etc.

Click here to view the PDF of  “PROFITS WITHOUT HONOUR?” – Public Lecture, August 2009